Angular Developers Must Know These Interesting Facts of Angular!

Every Angular Developer Should Know These Things About The Angular

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The wait is finally over for all angular development companies, as Google has released the advanced version of Angular in the field of technology, Angular 10.

The main objective of this latest edition is to encounter challenges while developing large scale applications as well as testing of web apps by providing a framework featuring MVC and MVVM architecture. This blog post will benefit you to learn how Javascript is essential for Angular, moreover some pointers that will answer to you these questions; what are the exceptional features of Angular? And why it is an appropriate solution over AngularJS?

History of Javascript-based Angular Framework

In the year of 2009, the first version of Angular was released, and the framework succeeded and started getting popular ever since because of its simplicity and flexibility to code it offers to the developers. Compared to other JavaScript frameworks, Angular became more popular among business executors and there are countless reasons to back that thought which will be covered in this blog.

Let’s start with how this framework executes the software development method easier for Angular developers. As we live in a digital world, software changes occur at every moment and businesses have to adhere to that. Plus, the latest version releasing with new features will build the framework enriched for the developers.

AngularJS is the first version of this framework, as you might be aware that there used to be a lot of technical glitches such as complication with TypeScript, navigation issues, indecipherable codes, or huge bundle size, which was a frequent issue in this old version of Angular. These types of issues always bring a downfall to the digital landscape.

Angular Development framework was aimed to resolve issues like complicated debugging, breakdown of dependency injection, and several other technical difficulties. However, considering developers had to handle common problems like code organization, loading Java files, conflicted front-end, and a few others with the old version, so necessary changes were evolved to get the better result for Angular development services. And that’s when they launched their new version of AngularJS in the marketplace with advanced features.

An angular development company wants to explore more services in the development process for various projects. That’s why Angular went through more reconstructs. And the latest version Angular has introduced in the digital landscape, with various web development activities, improved and required functionalities.

As Angular 10 came into the digital world high-level innovations were added to enhance it for the users. Though it had some minor issues, with the time they were also resolved by the developers. After all, developers require more adaptability with the development framework in the upcoming time. Angular helps developers in improving navigation with lesser codes and higher efficiency.

What’s new in Angular Development?

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Compared to the last version of Angular, there are improvements in the performance and workflow of this latest version of Angular 10. Technical professionals of this framework should be excited about Ivy, third-gen renderer accompanying others such as CLI APIs, differential loading, and web worker assistance.

This latest version induced the best result for the platform and aligns with the ecosystem. It comprises of the framework, Angular Material, and operates to develop application storing speed on modernized browsers.

With all the high-tech elements and a small set of compiled JavaScript files as well as known as a bundle, your enterprise will get robust debugging and more responsive compilations without repeating the codes.

What does an Angular Developer do?

All Angular developers are skilled JavaScript experts, who comprehend theoretical ideas of software design. This framework experts work as per the client’s requested software, which considerably is the core action of the programer.

An Angular developer can create an entire User Interface service for websites and upcoming new web applications. Besides this, Angular experts can run with segment and module invention that attaches them to develop original software.

The primary responsibility of an Angular developer:

  • Frond-end building
  • RESTful APIs Building
  • Operating with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Unit Testing
  • Bug Fixing
  • Working with external APIs, and data sources

The Angular developer additionally takes commands on an interactive front-end creation of various web and mobile applications. These professionals are famous for developing high-performance software. Most of the Angular developers interact with backend professionals to be sure that the development of the SPA satisfies the terms and all the technical aspects.

The experts of this framework complete the development phase followed by unit testing. Angular developers are liable for testing code units, components, angular development services, and other prospects of the project. Apart from that this framework also considers all the data of APIs and external data sources.

What is all about the new Angular Ivy?

With Angular, developers are fascinated by the Ivy renderer. The team who developed the latest version of Angular declared that Ivy is the one that is going to preface as a next-generation compilation in the Angular. The preview of this renderer will assist experts to assess how well their newer Angular applications are going to work or not. Ivy certainly is going to be more beneficial compared to the old Angular apps.

Ivy is going to bring the revolution in many things in aspects of the achievement of Angular apps. Opposite to the current Angular View Engine, Ivy gives a whole array of advantages as listed below.

  • Makes perception of new Angular code easier
  • Faster Angular development
  • A decrement in payload size that boosts download speed
  • Detectsetect development falsities more efficiently

The Angular technicians will assist businesses to fix the issues and discuss the needful changes in Ivy to make the application perform better.

What to Look for in an Angular Developer

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When you plan to hire Angular developers there are certain pointers which you need to keep up with. Here we have researched and collected a few pointers that can turn to be a savior for businesses seeking skilled Angular developers for their challenging projects. These are some of the essential factors, one must seek while hiring Angular developers.

Understanding of Core JavaScript:

For the Angular development company, the first requirement is to find various framework experts. However, specializing only in one framework is not sufficient. When you hire an Angular developer make sure that the potential developer must adopt the JavaScript language at its core, Angular developer needs to be proficient in all the programming languages.

Experience of the Angular framework:

While hiring an Angular developer you need to be sure that the applicant is the master of this framework. As the framework is constantly updated and new versions are launched in the market, it is essential to keep updated with the latest knowledge features.

Expertise in RESTful API integration:

A RESTful API utilizes HTTP applications to GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE data. To be capable of understanding the API data and apply it effectively in the project, a programmer must be experienced in REST APIs.

Awareness of adjacent technologies:

The knowledge of technologies such as Node and Webpack enhances the framework, presenting the development method simpler and efficient. When you’re recruiting experts, you must include your requirements for the knowledge of these tech stacks.

And in any case, you’re unable to find them then hire angular developers through outsourcing but keeping in mind all the mentioned pointers to get the best one.

Difference between Angular and AngularJS

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Now, as we know how to advance the Angular is still, somehow there is still confusion between Angular and AngularJS, let’s find out the difference between these two.

  • Angular substitutes controllers with elements that are directives with a template, where the AngularJS framework has Model-View-Controller architecture facilitates that contains controllers processes information.
  • Applying TypeScript language, JavaScript also renders better performance in Angular. However, AngularJS uses dynamically typed JavaScript language.
  • On the other side, Angular supports all types of mobile phones, where AngularJS doesn’t support mobile at all.
  • It’s easy to manage code for big applications because of a better structure in Angular. At the same point, the process of maintaining code converts tedious for the big applications in AngularJS.
  • You can easily find the regular support with updates now and then through Angular, while AngularJS has no official support or update in the technology aspect.

Things you need to know to Become an Effective Angular Developer

Angular appears to constantly be improving and enhancing, however, few things remain the same. Here are a few things that you must know about Angular developers, which makes them pretty effective in their work.

Modular Angular Architecture

Angular applies the theory of modules gradually as the core of the framework’s architecture. The collection of code that has a single purpose for existing. The Angular app is formulated from modules, some are single and some are shared.

Attribute and Structural Directives

A directive is an extension of HTML for design components. Attribute directives modify the properties of the components. Where the Structural directives improve the layout by combining or removing various components from the DOM.

Component Lifecycle Hooks

Every single item of software possesses its life cycle that defines how something is designed, rendered, and then eliminated. Angular also has a component life-cycle that can fasten the bits inside this cycle and target it at particular bits in time or event.

Smart/Dumb Component Architecture

Angular apps mostly tend to gather into the component. The concept of smart/dumb components in Angular is something that requires to be discussed. Whether elements are smart/dumb, it defines its purpose in the application. Although, Dumb components are usually stateless with behaviors, which easy to predict and understand.

Why should you consider Angular for your app development?

To explain this question we need you to comprehend Angular’s progress from the first version to the latest ones would paint a clear picture of the work of the team.

As most of the angular development companies agree that the experts of Angular are quite adapting to new features, which makes Angular development services much better than ever. Also, the State of JavaScript and StackOverflow developer’s reviews emphasize the interest in the usage of Angular. These are the few reasons why you should consider the latest version of Angular for app development.

  • Reusable components, that saves your time while developing large scale apps
  • Easy to maintain compared to the last version of Angular
  • Unit-testing is much easier for the developers
  • In this framework, the organization of modules(set of components, directives, pipes, etc.) makes application functionality easy.


The new version of Angular is not complicated and easy to code for the developers. Moreover, the addition of Ivy is more significant for current day users. The update in the latest version of Angular made breaking changes, without any alteration.

As an Angular developer or Angular development company, these are the few things which you must be aware of, I hope that this post helps you through the knowledge of Angular development.

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