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From the time of its inception by Facebook in 2015, React is one of the popular and widely used front-end development frameworks. It is highly responsive to web applications and performs wonderfully in the browser. You do not need to rewrite the whole code every time you create a feature or an app.

Its amazing declarative view makes your code predictable and easy to debug. The component-based approach of the features manages the creation of interactive but complex UIs.

Do you know that ReactJS is an open-source language and used as a base for building mobile applications? Facebook is one such ReactJS application development company.

You can also do the same but for that, you need two things.

  • A powerful web-framework.
  • A skilled developer.

From the above requirements, if you have ReactJS development at your service as an application building tool. Now, all you need is a skilled ReactJS developer who can make sufficient use of a feature-rich platform.

But for that also nowadays the ReactJS application development company lookout for the skills which give them a competitive advantage apart from high-performing and bug-free applications.

For a clearer understanding, we have divided these skills into two major parts:

  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills

In which, the hard skills are the core technical skills required for the job while the soft skills are the personality traits.

Let us discuss the hard skills first now shall we?

Hard skills

1. JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

One cannot move forward in ReactJS without having basic clarity about the javascript fundamentals and ES6 skills. Verify the following essential things.

  • Variables and scoping: Allows to store and access the data. The variables are stored and altered by the new keywords.
  • Arrays and objects: `v = f(s)` is the pattern that a developer needs to remember for every visit to the framework library. A state is a data accessed from the users. If it changes, the view gets updated. That is the reason behind naming this framework, React.
  • Array methods: These tools help in managing data with the `.map`, `.filter` and `.reduce` in an effective way.
  • Functions and arrow functions: Everything you create is a function that is surrounded by components in this framework. All you need to do is solve the puzzle (in this case, build an application) by putting all the pieces together.
  • DOM Manipulation and event handlers: Always attach your events to the HTML elements. And DOM manipulation has become very rare nowadays. Still, we have the JSX.
  • The “this” keyword: Frequently used in Javascript. But never overuse or misuse it.
  • Higher-order functions and callback functions: Arguments run in high order functions while callback functions drive the I/O model.
  • Prototypal inheritance and object creation: It’s elementary to know how the prototype chain works for object creation and achieving inheritance.
  • The ‘class’ keyword: Anything you create in javascript is either a function or a class. You can always evaluate your competency with “classes”.

2. Node + NPM

Surprising right? Well, not enough because to extend a React library, small software packages are required. And that is possible with NPM. Node package manager comes along with the installation of the Node.js.

NPM allows the developers to download and install the software packages from the NPM registry, which is a dependency cloud storage.

So the deep understanding of the Node and NPM will enable the ReactJS developer to build a software application.

3. JSX (Javascript XML) & Babel

As APIs have too much complexity, the JSX is crucial for the React library. It is a syntax extension of HTML for React Javascript.

ReactJS development companies may build an entire application with its React.createElement(). While it may completely look like an HTML Proper but soon you’ll experience the class.

An alternate option is also available if you don’t want to work with HTML extension. It’s called Babel.

Babel is a compiler which can transform all your HTML like syntaxes into the standard javascript files. Its always updated with the features of the latest version of javascript.

But before you go with the React, you need to choose one from the JSX or Babel.

4. HTML + CSS & JavaScript

The most valuable thing you can have is the clarity of basics. HTML and CSS are the base of coding for building simple websites, while Javascript enables you to add tons of features in the application. You need nothing more than these. And getting adroit at it might only take a few weeks.

ReactJS developers also need to have a basic knowledge of using the tools and components of HTML, CSS, and JS.

  • HTML tags.
  • CSS selectors.
  • Box-model and border-box.
  • Writing applications with media queries.

While no one is stranger to these basics, they are crucial for building a lucrative application that would benefit the business in the long run.

5. Git and Redux

The ReactJS developer must be proficient in the Git Toolkit. It helps in the modifications of ReactJS development with commands like push, pull, add, comment, etc.

Also, the ReactJS application development companies use GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket to store their data and track the files.

The developers also need to use some of the strategies like handling, branching, merging, etc. on the day to day basis.

Another elementary skill needed is Redux. It is an in-built state that allows the developer to manage and maintain the React library. Before it’s release, it was stressful for the ReactJS developers to deal with the asynchronous features of React updates.

Similar to any programming functionality, it is not an all-in-one solution. Still, it is an extra benefit to have Redux at your service in the React toolkit.

6. Build Real World JS Apps & Deploy On Cloud

Building an application with the ReactJS development framework can provide the user with real-time experience.

But for that, the React developer should be able to write and debug the code for the application using the tools and library of the React framework very well.

And the code can be created to solve many complex problems using the patterns for programming.

So, these were the hard skills that are essential for developing a better product with an individual’s set of expertise.

But the overall performance and the efficiency of teamwork within an organizational culture highly depend on soft skills. So let’s take a peek.

Soft Skills

Do you know that the interpersonal skills enable an individual to create a positive impact and work with their fullest potential? Every professional needs to show these skills at a workplace as it is predominant for career growth too.

1. Great communication skills

Communication is crucial. Having the clarity of the customer’s needs or requirements is necessary for the ReactJS development company. Miscommunication can often result in losing a client. And that might ruin the company’s reputation too.

Therefore, always look out for the developer who can easily communicate the needs and solutions with the clients and other company officials, giving clarity and transparency to the process.

2. Problem-solving approach

The developer needs to have this kind of approach because businesses come to the ReactJS development company with the hope to get their needs fulfilled or get a solution for their problems.

The developer with such an approach can handle the problems very well and can come up with unique solutions every time.

3. Accountability

Taking full responsibility for the actions is called accountability. Making excuses and arguments won’t be fruitful. While accepting them will be helpful to improvise in the future.

4. Creativity

The curiosity for the latest trends and the willingness to learn new features and applications helps the developer to show creativity at work.

This kind of developer is always learning and seeking new ideas.

5. Time management

Having loads of work to do in a very short time-frame may ask for time management skills.

Sorting out the work according to their importance and doing the priority-work first is what maintains the schedule and productivity together.

6. Teamwork

Doesn’t matter how good a ReactJS developer is and what outstanding skills they possess if the person is not a team player.

Because businesses do not depend on a single person, it might be led by one but its always run by a whole team.

By now, you might have got the idea of what to look for in the ReactJS developer while hiring. But still, a problem stands tall.

The Hiring Process. It may become a lengthy and messy process which is the reason why sometimes businesses lose interest in it and outsource the whole project.

But I’m quite sure that if you are looking for the qualities that a ReactJS developer should possess, you may already have made your mind to hire one in the first place.

So, here I offer you a short guide that can ease up your hiring process.

Overview of “How to hire React.js developers?”

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1. Sourcing: You can source various potential candidates for the job from many sites like;

  • Job sites
  • Freelancing sites
  • Company websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Other references and recommendations.

2. Assessment: Scan the candidate thoroughly for potential.

  • Profile assessment
  • Resume assessment
  • Skills assessment
  • Candidate’s previous work assessment

You can also conduct your assessment test before or while calling out the candidate for the interview.

3. Interviewing process: Look out for both hard and soft skills we discussed above just by assigning tasks or asking questions relevant to ReactJS development.

4. Selection: Go on with hiring a candidate if he/she has scored better in every round of the process.

Final words

After my extensive research and exploring the depth of ReactJS technology, all I can conclude is to look for the following skills while you decide to outsource or hire. I have tried my best to help you and I hope you have enjoyed reading the article too. If you find it insightful or have any other queries or ideas regarding the same, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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