For Software Development Why You Must Use The Most Preferred Framework AngularJS

The Most Preferred Framework AngularJS

In the ecosystem of front-end development, there are changes observed at every hour. New technologies come and go every now & then. Some of the popular frameworks used by front-end developers in recent times are React, AngularJS, VueJS, and more. Today in this blog, we will see that from all these different frameworks, why developers prefer AngularJS the most.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJs is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that provide simplification to the development process. There are 50 million AngularJS developers around the work, and it has received 59.5K stars on GitHub. It is a framework introduced by Google. It enables the developers to use HTML as a template language and extend HTML’s syntax to make the application components clear for the users.

With the help of AngularJs, the developers can change the static HTML to dynamic. In addition to this, AngularJS is mostly used to create Single Page Applications.

Feature AngularJS Offers

AngularJS has the following features, making it easy for the developers to create a robust and unique application.

  • POJO Model

AngularJS follows the Plain Old JavaScript (POJO) model. It enables the AngularJS developers to add some additional elements to bind the AngularJS with various data sources. It provides well-planned and random objects. The use of POJO models makes it easy to use AngularJS.

  • Routing

Routing is nothing but a transition from one view to another view. This is an essential aspect when we talk about single-page applications (SPA ). In SPA, the developers don’t have to redirect the users to another page when they click on any of the options from the menu. This becomes an easy task with AngularJS.

  • User Interface

When it comes to AngularJS, it defines the user interface through HTML. Being a declarative language, HTML can make more intuitive & less intricate interface procedures. Besides this, HTML is also less risky and easy to recognize the interface that is written in JavaScript.

Why AngularJS is the Most Liked Framework for Software Development?

Despite there being a huge number of web development frameworks in the market, but the most preferred one is AngularJS because of the following reasons -

  • MVC Architecture

When it comes to web app development, there are a lot of frameworks in the market, but the most significant limitation of all these frameworks is that they lack MVC architecture. But AngularJS follows the MVC architecture to provide unique features to the user. This is because the Model View Controller comes with the potential to join or string the app together.

  • Two-way Data Binding

AnglarJS follows a functionality called two-way data binding. If something happens in the application, it will affect the UI and vice-versa, and this is because of this functionality. But with AngularJS, the users’ actions and changes in the module happen together.

  • Single Page Application

AngularJS is well-known for its implementation of Single Page Applications. It has been closely combined with SPA. This type of application offers validation capacity. By this, it is meant that the pages can make use of the form, and the form controllers can analyze it. In addition to this, the developers can change the HTML elements in the UI by using such analyzed data.

  • Easy to Use

AngularJS is a framework created from the base, and the developers have also added various features to it. This helps it easy for the Angular development company to create web apps that are user-friendly and robust. These apps are developed using the least amount of code.

  • Enhanced Community Support

Being a product of Google, AngularJS has a large community of developers all around the world. They are always available to solve any doubt and also help the developers in creating different solutions. The AngularJS community developers have the expertise in making improvements with this framework and organizing regular conferences for IT companies who want to learn about every latest update of AngularJS.

  • Modularity in Coding

One of the main reasons behind AngularJS being so popular is modularity. Modularity enables the Angular development service providers to create various modules for a single web app. These modules are dependent on each other, and the AngularJS developers can combine them easily to create an app.

  • Filters

The filters of the AngularJS help the Angular development service company transform the stored data into AngularJS responsive designs. The AngularJS directory offers various filters for orderby, date, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and currency. Programmers use these filters to create custom applications.

Types of Projects Benefit from AngularJS Framework

Some of the most popular types of applications where developers prefer to use AngularJS framework are -

  • Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications (SPAs) are the most popular type of apps that are created using AngularJS. The fundamental purpose of AngularJS is considered to be an SAP creator. Therefore, this framework provides all the filters, tools, and features that are required in SAP.

  • Enterprise Web Applications

Being a TypeScript-based framework, Angular becomes an essential technology in developing large-scale projects. Some of the benefits of TypeScript are advanced refactoring, navigation features, and auto-completion. With the help of these features, the developer can create enterprise-level apps with ease.

  • Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are becoming more and more popular because of AngularJS, creating them naturally.


As described in this blog, there are many reasons why IT companies opt for the AngularJS framework for software development. It is an easy-to-access framework that enables the developers to create an application with a high-level of data security and robustness. AngularJS is considered the best JavaScript framework in the market because of its features and approach towards development.

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