Laravel Development is Here to Stay — Let us Explore the Why & How Part

Why do you think Laravel Application Development is going to last for a while?

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In the past few years, the PHP community is in awe of the way the Laravel framework overtook other frameworks in such a short span.

There is no denying the fact that Laravel is one of the greatest open-source PHP web frameworks amongst all the frameworks, it is applied for easy and agile web development.

Also, to develop good quality websites and web applications, there are several PHP frameworks available for free, however, Laravel is the one who captured the attention of the developers.

Nevertheless, if you’ve some uncertainties regarding why Laravel is not going anywhere soon from the market, then here we’re with all the answers to your question. I promise you that after going through this post, you’ll also be one of the Laravel admirers.

In this blog post, I will guide you through: Why we need Laravel application development services, a little bit about Laravel users, a few reasons why you should hire Larvael developers, and in the last I will make you familiar with the most effective factors of Laravel.

First, let’s start with why Laravel application development is important, and who the users are.

Why do we need Laravel Development?

If you are wondering- why do we need a Laravel framework, when we could easily use CodeIgniter, Symfony, Django, CakePHP, or others? The creativity of Tayler Otwell gave the developers a web application framework that is very expressive and has elegant syntax keeping the model-view-controller architectural pattern in mind.

Once Laravel came into the market the rating charts of this framework took high-road instantly beating other frameworks in the race. Laravel Framework enhances the process of web development by eliminating those complex codes.

The advantage of Laravel is that you can do a lot of amazing things with their various dynamic features that have been added recently.

Though the ultimate reason for such a broadway practice of this framework is because it lessens the conflict of programming, and in less time with less effort, you develop a web application.

It has surprised the PHP community with its clean, excellent, and classy PHP framework.

These three mentioned trades have made the method of PHP development more productive and reliable, as it hastens the Laravel app development procedure by providing secure validation tools and enabling efficient utilization.

Laravel application development services provide free and astonishingly lightweight designs that you can create within the application. The extra efficient widgets made for JS code, and CSS code creates a stable composition of the website design process.

Who Uses Laravel Framework in Development?

Are you wondering if any other big names are using the Laravel framework for their projects or not? Or other well-known companies use it? To clarify these issues, you can check out this website; But first let’s look at those name which I’ve penned down, who are using this framework for a long time:

  • ApproveMe
  • Brightpearl
  • Fathom Analytics
  • Unified Infotech
  • NMG
  • And the list goes on….

In this website developers and owners have access to submit URL websites generated with the Laravel framework. You can see so many submissions occurring in the month.

You’ll be not surprised to find various websites submitted daily to this showcase of projects created by the Laravel PHP framework.

As time is passing, you will notice, the domain names of submitted sites are getting shorter, which means the projects are becoming expensive with big-fate funds for short domain names.

Let us understand why recruiting a particular Laravel developer is vital.

Hire the best Laravel developer;

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This question might have arisen in your mind that, when you have a pool of skilled Laravel developers, then how will you hire Laravel developers who are best among them? Here I have listed a few aspects that will put you at the ease that how you will get Laravel experts quickly:

  • The Laravel PHP framework allows developers with profound knowledge of it to provide an appropriate solution in a limited time without the prospect of destroying the quality or performance of the project.
  • Laravel developers possess the experience to provide you with a comprehensive integration and customization. They can bring the best out of the websites and web apps.
  • For the construction of database tables, indices, and inserting columns The Laravel Schema builder tool is the best choice.
  • Various unit tests conducted by Laravel ensure that alterations made by the developers never proceed in any sudden difficulties in the applications.
  • The Laravel framework has specifically been designed to support its security from inside.
  • With the help of HTTP middleware, only requisite users have authentication to enter your web application.
  • Laravel makes configuring and implementing the authentication procedure exceptionally simple.
  • Laravel developers integrate assistance for various languages in their web apps.
  • With a wide range of templates, you can have simple layouts including multiple segments.
  • To avoid several repetitive tasks, one of the best command-line tools for developers is Artisan.

The main 11 factors why Laravel Application development is here to stay for longer than you anticipate.

#1 Composer

Using some external packages of code, the Laravel experts can efficiently extend Laravel.

Also, Laravel supports users to control the external packages efficiently by applying a robust dependency administrator like Composer.

Apart from that, developers can use Composer to configure the latest Laravel projects without downloading extra resources.

Moreover, the Composer is easy to install and update through mere commands. The users need to make simple changes to the composer.json file to add extra packages to the application.

#2 Routing System

Laravel facilitates developers to select a routing approach that is both manageable and secure.

They are essential to create the relevant directory for each URI and build links to multiple named routes.

Although, while writing PHP code, Laravel automatically enters the URI based on a link to named routes. Plus, it updates the routes whenever the routes change.

#3 Easy to Adopt

It’s best for novice programmers along with experience because the documentation of Laravel is exceptional. It is nothing like other open-source plans, Laravel has outstanding documentation, that makes the task easy for developers and speeds up in a short time.

Also, tutorials are accessible in various formats and to make things simpler, Laravel applies expressive syntax.

With these efforts, the Laravel application development company eases the process of learning the language and reading existing code for the developers. That means your developers use less time training and more time coding.

#4 Highly Secure

Security is a significant issue in many frameworks but not with Laravel.

Security is always a top concern in this age and needs close attention when it comes to digital business. And there should be no reason for you to neglect it.

Fret not, Laravel has a solution, where it maintains strict rules & regulations for rendering high-end security that will without any delay eliminate all sorts of fraud that may try to surpass your website.

#5 Libraries and Modular

Laravel is one of the most popular Object-oriented libraries, also pre-installed libraries are added to this framework. And it’s special because in other PHP frameworks these pre-installed libraries are not included.

These libraries are one of the well-known authentication libraries, that includes some valuable features such as monitoring active users, CSRF protection password reset, and Bcrypt hashing.

This framework is classified into various modules to comprehend PHP principles. That enables the developers to create responsive and modular applications.

#6 Query Builder and ORM

Laravel includes a query builder that assists in querying databases practicing several simple chain methods. It gives ORM and ActiveRecord implementation named Eloquent.

Laravel also contains an ORM within itself with easy PHP Active Record implementation. Also, ORM provides the developers with an opportunity to query the database tables by utilizing the simple PHP syntax without going deep into any SQL code.

That impacts easy integration between the developers and database tables by providing their corresponding models to each table.

#7 Artisan Console

Artisan Console is the heart of the Laravel framework, that makes sure that there is a minimum repetition of code for development.

This built-in command-line tool guarantees that the slow and monotonous tasks complete automatically.

It is also useful for creating databases, command-line MVC structure, and skeleton codes according to specifications.

Apart from these, the most desirable feature of Artisan is that it lets the developers create commands as per their terms.

#8 A Method or Dependency Injection

Laravel’s application development service container is a robust tool for handling class dependencies and performing dependency injection in the web-application.

Class dependencies are injected into the class through setter techniques or the constructor, which is an excellent phrase for Dependency injection.

#9 Migration System

To improve the formation, and schema of the database of the web application, the best choice for the developers is the Laravel migration system.

Whenever there is a modification made by developers, the experts accomplish it without creating the database over and over. This feature provides you with security against the upcoming risk of losing data.

Laravel possesses the ability to change the database structure and helps to do this by utilizing PHP code rather than SQL.

Other than this, the Laravel Schema Builder supports developers and engineers to build database tables and columns promptly or inserts indices.

#10 Competitive and Effortless Unit Testing

Laravel is a perfect framework for web application developers because it has effective and easy unit testing features.

This framework is capable of conducting numerous unit tests to ensure that new modifications executed by the engineers don’t occur without warning in-hand web application.

You can also say that Laravel based web applications are finished of steady releases as it is wary of the known failures. That also presents the scenario simple for the programmers to record unit tests.

#11 Mail Service

Laravel renders a clear and steady API instead of the popular Swift Mailer library that developers use for transmitting a notification to emails of users.

Using cloud-based or local service, Laravel benefits most of the web applications to immediately send the mail to users. Using this method PHP’s ‘mail’ function, and ‘Sendmail’, helped a lot of people.

However, after several events, Laravel decided to send notifications across different delivery channels, that included SMS via Nexmo, and Slack.

Yes, it’s certainly going to stay here:

Laravel is easy to make a web application because the utilized code is straightforward and commonly understandable. And everyone loves simplicity, so when Laravel has so many simple yet essential reasons to rule over the user’s heart, why won’t it stay for a longer time. So, consider applying Laravel on your next PHP application development, the ease of it might surprise you.

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